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films, plays, books, music and art from the Battery to Southampton

Free Friday at noon people will be gathering for a percussive
improv choreography free flight poetry opera number for Youtube.
Attend if you can! Bring nautical terms for a mass poem/small instruments,
fun costume... masks... it's our turn to make a happening!


New articles on

Tears without Laughter: Deciphering audience responses to Douglas Sirk, in the U.S. and Japan
By Chris Fujiwara
Tokyo is less bountiful in classic American cinema than Paris, New York, or Los Angeles (or even Boston, now that Haden Guest has taken charge of the Harvard Film Archive). But a recent 10-film Douglas Sirk retrospective in Tokyo proved that watching American films with a Japanese audience can be a hell of a lot more enjoyable than watching them with an American one. Read more

Anarchy in the U.K.: The growing pains of Lindsay Anderson, Free Cinema's angry young man
By Steve Erickson
Lindsay Anderson was no follower of fashion. But his first three features benefited greatly from the cultural changes of the ’60s and ’70s. The rise of the angry young man in British theater and cinema and the protest culture that coalesced later in the ’60s form a backdrop to This Sporting Life, If...., and O Lucky Man!. His best films sing the praises of the imagination—in a British tradition stretching back to William Blake—as a means of revolt. Read more


A Recently Published Novel entitled:
"Based on the Movie"
by Billy Taylor

It is a hilarious send-up of life on a movie set. It is ACTUALLY a great, fast, funny read that is the kind of book you want to keep on going because of the world it creates. (Anyone who has been on a film set knows how addictive the environment is.) It also has a lot of heart (and cheap sex.) I could also possibly get Billy to sign it for you. Maybe.

Please go buy it and/or ask your local bookseller to stock it.

For more info, reading dates, etc:

Billy's a Purchase Film Department alum, Long Island/Brooklyn local boy and all around good guy.

Here's what it is about:

Q: How can you tell when a producer is lying?
A: His lips are moving.
It's nine months since Bobby Conlon's wife has dumped him for a hot, young film director and he's doing great. Okay, so he occasionally breaks into Natalie's apartment and sobs along to her old Carole King records, but that's only when he's out of meds. He's better now. One hundred percent. And to prove it, he's throwing out that year-old Christmas tree decorated with five hundred empty Vicodin bottles and flying to Texas to work on a movie starring Ralph the Swimming Pig.

But once in Texas, Bobby realizes he's signed onto the most dysfunctional movie ever. The director can't direct, the pig catches pneumonia, and just when things can't get any worse, Natalie and her boyfriend are hired to take over the movie. Suddenly, Bobby's personal and professional lives collide, and no matter which way he turns, fresh disasters await. Still, in spite of everything, Bobby clings to the hope that a happy ending might still be possible.

A. Dean Bell

Films on the Haywall at the
Silas Marder Gallery
Friday Nights
120 SnakeHollow Rd in Bridgehampton
(right behind the Commons) or call 613.702.2306

This Friday, August 22nd
Orson Welles' 'F for Fake'
US, 1974

Featuring Orson Welles, Oja Kodar,
Joseph Cotten & Peter Bogdanovich
Bring a beach chair, blanket and pack a picnic.
Films begin when darkness falls.


“Consider Yourself” invited to enjoy the musical Oliver! Brought to the stage by Stages, a Children’s Theatre Workshop, Inc, the Tony award winning musical will be performed at the Southampton High School Auditorium by the young actors of Stages on Friday August 22, and Saturday August 23 at 7:30 PM, and Sunday August 24 at 3:00PM. The classic Charles Dickens tale of Oliver Twist with music, lyrics, and book by Lionel Bart is brought to life with exciting drama, pathos, humor, and all the Tony winning songs that have become part of Broadway musical history. Sure to delight audiences of all ages, Oliver! is a musical to be shared by the entire family.

Tickets for Oliver! are
$12 for children and $15 for adults
and can be purchased in advance at
Stevenson’s Toys and Games at
68 Jobs Lane in Southampton or can be
reserved by calling Stages at 631-329-1420.

Tickets will also be available at the door
of Southampton High School,

141 Narrow Lane in Southampton
on the days of the performance.

A percentage of the proceeds will be
donated to Southampton Parents for the Arts.