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a new look for urbanseashell—a collection & a new book for Daniel Rabuzzi

Daniel Rabuzzi's first novel, The Choir Boats,
is being accepted for publication. Daniel's wife,
Deborah Mills
did the interior illustrations.

The Choir Boats comes out this summer, and
the first few chapters are online for preview as a PDF.

The summer edition is a limited hardback
with the paperback coming out in the Fall of '09.

Purchase your copy of The Choir Boats
& add it to your list of summer reading.


Cornelia Street Cafe followed by Bassentric @ 5C Cafe! When? — May 21st

Please join Golda Solomon at
Po’ Jazz at the Cornelia Street Café on
Thursday 6-8
doors open at 5:30

Continue to “hang” with Golda at 5C where she will be joining
3 sensational bass players for an evening of Bassentric.

Cornelia Street Café
Po’Jazz 6-8 PM

29 Cornelia Street
Greenwich Village

Bassentric 5C Café
68 Ave. C (at 5thSt.)
She will be the poet working with three amazing bass players.
They are Albey Balgochian (founder of Bassentric),
Hill Greene and Francois Grillot

Make it a wonderful evening of hanging out....