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2nd Annual Brooklyn Blogfest 2007—A Success!

Louise Crawford, founder of the Brooklyn Blogfest in 2006 could not have imagined the crowd she would draw at the 2nd Annual Blogfest 2007, not to mention last years debut. Needless to say, it was a complete success! We were 115 strong in the Old Stone House. For those who could not get in due to limited space is a clear indicator of the need for this venue. While most of the bloggers in the room were strictly blogging about Brooklyn, there were those of us blogging about something we feel very strongly about. Most of us just happened to live in Brooklyn. Blogging has no town lines. That’s the beauty of it.

As Louise said it is great to actually meet other bloggers face to face which is what sparked this event. Eric McClure, the Atlantic Yards Campaign Coordinator introduced himself to me during the sponsored festivities afterwards. I post information he emails out to his list in order to further spread the awareness of the Atlantic Yards issue. Eminent domain can affect anyone anywhere. Lumi Rolley of No Land Grab was one of the featured speakers. We met each other as well and Lumi links to my blog when I post Erics information. It was a pleasure to meet them both. In addition to which I met a lot of great people that evening.

The 2nd Annual Blogfest Featured Bloggers were given 5 minutes to speak. Louise was the keeper of time. The evening started with a slide show of
No Words_Daily Pix followed by
Louise Crawford’s introduction to the evenings lineup:
Steven Berlin Johnson,

Lumi Michelle Rolley, noLandGrab

Robert Guskind, Gowanus Lounge

Jonathan Butler, Brownstoner

Norman Oder, Atlantic Yards Report

Eleanor Traubman, Creative Times

To wrap up the first part of the event I was among those Louise personally thanked for helping with this years festival, which awarded me a round of applause for the poster design. Louise motioned me to come up to the open mic to start off the Shout Outs (new bloggers). With a short blurb prepared and in my hand to read, my nerves got the better of me and I have no idea what I said. However it was enough that I was posted in the 2nd annual blogfest yearbook by Dope on the Slope, included in Sewell Chan’s write up on the New York Times Blog, Empire Zone. The Brooklyn Record write up has a photo and there I am at the open mic. My photo is among those posted on Brit in Brooklyn with a complimentary caption. Crazy Stable it was very nice to have met you too and thank you for displaying the poster on your blog with an honorable mention. T-shirts are a great idea! What do you think Louise? We can start raising funds now for next years space. Thank you all.

Also in the house covering the event: Brooklyn Paper, Daily News, Washington Post, Brooklyn 12 TV and Brooklyn IT

Listen to Andrew Siff from WNBC.

Kudos to all the Participating bloggers of 2007 and those who were probably inspired Thursday night as I was last year.

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If you don’t see a link to your blog listed here, send me an email through comments with your url and I will link to your site.
See you in the blogosphere!



Anonymous said...

Nice piece on the BK Blogfest. Thank you for listing my blog, The Ride. Carla

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hey thanks for listing