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For those looking to sell their wares and for those who simply wish to consume. —Ld


(submitted by Alex Pabon,

After 5 years of successful weekends in NOLITA
with TheMarketNYC and after extensive research of
the general market we are announcing the
opening of another location for young,
contemporary artists and designers, in the heart
of the West Village, every Saturday, starting
April 12, 2008.

This new space located on Hudson Street, right off
Christopher Street) will enable our existing
dedicated and hard working designers as well as
other artists to be available at another location
and to a different audience, mainly tourists, and
locals, at a very reasonable rental price and with
no financial risk on your behalf.

We are looking for individuals that create their
own art, photographers, and crafts people that
make small items such as artsy pillows, lamps,
glass, ceramics and would like to sell it to the
general public.
This space will be ideal for all young artists
that produce their own work and don’t know where
to sell it.

This new location will develop into a profitable business
for those designers and artists who are focused, determined
and possess a sound knowledge of today’s consumer.

The mission is to create another unique and
successful “Market”, at this new location and we
invite you to take advantage of this new space and
target a new buying audience in the West Village.

Both TheMarketNYC and the new space will be
managed by Alex and all reservations will be done
through our website.

If you have questions please talk to Alex Pabon,
Manager. Reservations will be made on a
first-come-first-served basis.

Thank you in advance for all your support in this
new venture. Join us this April in exploring new

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