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june weekends + more


Sunday, June 8 from 7-9pm
The Parkside Lounge
317 East Houston
(Ave B and Attorney)

$5 admission and 2 drink minimum

New Comedy! New songs!
A great new show without mold or mildew-
that will do you silly!

June 25th at the
Cinema Village Theater in New York

The 2007 indieWIRE Undiscovered Gems audience award-winning FULL GROWN MEN will make its world theatrical premiere on June 25th at the Cinema Village Theater in New York City. Please mark your calendars and join us if you can for this special occasion. There's limited seating for the premiere but the film will begin its exclusive engagement that same day so you'll have plenty of chances to show your support and enjoy a film New York Magazine calls "a lovely, bewitching film with a lot on its mind," and LA Weekly calls "as entertaining as the wine tour in Sideways."

Opening weekend box office means everything to exhibitors deciding whether to extend a run, so every ticket counts. FULL GROWN MEN will open in San Francisco, South Florida, and several other cities across the country in July - we will send details and screening info shortly for additional dates and venues.

David Munro
Director, Full Grown Men



New York, NY, June 5, 2008—Rochelle Slovin, director of Museum of the Moving Image, today announced the launch of a major new website devoted to the history of film, television, and digital media: Moving Image Source. Made possible with support from the Hazen Polsky Foundation, features original articles by leading critics, authors, and scholars; a calendar that highlights major retrospectives, festivals, and gallery exhibitions at venues around the world; and a regularly updated guide to online research resources.

“Moving Image Source will quickly become a destination website for anyone interested in the appreciation and study of film and media,” said Ms. Slovin. “In addition to excellent new critical and historical articles updated weekly, the website’s Research Guide will be an invaluable resource for all those engaged in creating, consuming, and writing about moving images.”

Moving Image Source will be updated every Thursday with additions to the Articles and Calendar sections. The articles relate to recent and ongoing retrospectives and gallery exhibitions as well as to significant new DVDs and books on film, media, and moving-image culture. Pieces will be accompanied by photographs, video clips, and sidebars offering suggestions for further viewing, reading, or listening.

Contributors scheduled for June include critics and authors Melissa Anderson, Michael Atkinson, Joshua Clover, Tom Charity, Thomas Doherty, Chris Fujiwara, Ed Halter, B. Kite, Michael Koresky, Rob Nelson, Nick Pinkerton, Tony Rayns, Jonathan Rosenbaum, Dan Sallitt, and Ed Sikov. Topics include the career of Werner Herzog, Wallis-Hazen Productions, a reappraisal of the ’60s films of William Klein, the late Taiwanese filmmaker Edward Yang, video artist Eddo Stern, the late films of Howard Hawks, Japanese actor Tatsuya Nakadai, and the recent restoration of Max Ophuls’s Lola Montes.

The Moving Image Source Calendar is a selective guide to major screenings, series, festivals, and gallery exhibitions. Calendar entries include program summaries, exhibition descriptions, titles of films or featured works of media art, and links to presenting venues. The Calendar draws on the programming of more than 100 museums, media arts centers, cinematheques, and other venues around the world that regularly present film and media programs. An international Venue List can be found in the Calendar section: Venues on the list emphasize original programming and the presentation of work in its original format, and/or large-scale gallery exhibitions.

The site's Research Guide is an annotated and regularly maintained database of more than 400 of the best moving-image related resources on the web, ranging from scholarly and popular journals to film-related libraries and archives. They have been organized into a detailed, easy-to-navigate taxonomy with five primary categories: “People,” “History and Styles,” “Industry,” “Technology and Craft,” and “Criticism and Ideas.” The Research Guide may also be browsed by resource type, and advanced search and filtering options are available.

“Moving Image Source grows out of a belief that the health of screen culture depends on a serious engagement with history,” Mr. Lim said. “Thanks to restored prints, new DVDs, and the vitality of retrospective programming at institutions around the world, important old movies are now more accessible than ever. At the same time, newer forms of moving-image media, which have always been the purview of the Museum, are themselves maturing and becoming topics of historical and critical scholarship. This is an ideal time for a resource of this nature, and the Internet is the ideal forum for it.”

About Museum of the Moving Image
Museum of the Moving Image advances the public understanding and appreciation of the art, history, technique, and technology of film, television, and digital media. It does so by collecting, preserving, and providing access to moving-image related artifacts; screening significant films and other moving-image works; presenting exhibitions of artifacts, artworks, and interactive experiences; and offering educational and interpretive programs to students, teachers, and the general public. Construction is currently underway on a major expansion of the Museum, designed by architect Thomas Leeser. The project entails a complete renovation of the existing first floor and construction of a three-story addition housing a new theater, screening room, galleries, and a multi-classroom education center. The Grand Opening of the expanded Museum is scheduled for winter 2009-10. For more information, visit

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