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Silas Marder - Bridgehampton

Friday Night at The Silas Marder Gallery in Bridgehampton - Films on the Haywall Series, "The Conversation"

One of Francis Ford Coppola's greatest films, "The Conversation" (1974) starring Gene Hackman, John Cazale, Robert Duvall, and Cindy Williams. "The Conversation" is a suspense classic that that investigates themes of betrayal, alienation, and paranoia. The screening is part of the gallery's Films on the Haywall series, where classic films are shown in the beautiful landscaped gardens at Marders nursery every Friday night. The screening begins at 9:00 pm, but show up early to enjoy the gardens and view the work of Dutch artist Charlotte Dumas and shed show artists Bruce Lieberman, Oliver Peterson, and Tad Wiley.

The Silas Marder Temporary Gallery in Sag Harbor
The Sea Show
Saturday, August 16th
Reception 5-7 pm

Join us at our temporary gallery at 3 Madison Street, Sag Harbor, for an installation featuring the works of Mica Marder, Marc Burckhardt, Raymond Pettibon, Cynthia Knott, Oliver Peterson, and Stephanie Stein. Also on display is the furniture of designer Kevin Walz, manufactured by brother Barry Walz. Reception will be held from 7-10 PM. Work will be on display through September 7th.
The Gallery is located at 3 Madison Street in Sag Harbor.

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