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Signing Their Lives Away

From Joseph D'Agnese & Denise Kiernan
promoting their latest book entitled
The Fame and Misfortune of the Men
Who Signed the Declaration of Independence

The book is in bookstores now, and you may order it from the
following places plus their publisher:

They are visiting all the graves and historic sites of the
signers as part of a documentary film project.
To date, they have shot in three cities and the National Archives,
where the Declaration is preserved. You may view
the trailers of this ongoing project at this link:

You may follow developments on the
book and film at this blog link:

Before the 4th of July weekend commences Joe and Denise would like to share an update on their book and film.

Here's what's been going on:
• The book has been featured in the July 2009 issue of Reader's Digest.
• Library Journal—a key influence on librarian purchases—calls the book "entertaining."
• We are happy to see that the book's popularity has extended well beyond the 13 original colonies. A bookseller in the midwest pronounced it "snarky but cheerful" to local news media sizing up summer reads.
• We continue to hold our own in rankings posted on B&N, Tower and three history lists on Amazon. (Depending on the day, they are actually beating such authors as David McCullough, Thomas Paine,, Gandhi.)
• Our web store is now open, featuring T-shirts and other products to help raise funds for the documentary. WE hope in time to add shirts of all the signers.

This weekend we make a pilgrimage to the grave of South Carolina signer Thomas Heyward Jr. to capture footage for the film and interview descendants.

If you have not seen the the current trailers, be sure to take a look at the film site.

We thank all those who ordered the book. You can find out more about the project via the websites below.

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