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Pailletts back in Sag Harbor; "Blockhead: The Life of Fibonacci" in stores March 30, 2010

78 main street
shopping cove no. 8
sag harbor ny 11963 631.899 4070
open weekends thru april


Blockhead: The Life of Fibonacci

(Henry Holt Books for Young Readers)

by Joseph D’Agnese

This a children's picture book about the famous, real-life mathematician who discovered the Fibonacci Sequence, the number pattern which governs how so many objects in nature grow and flourish. The book is set in Italy and the world of the Mediterranean during the Middle Ages. John O'Brien, a talented cartoonist for the New Yorker magazine, created the charming illustrations.

Blockhead is the kind of book parents and grandparents would buy for children who adore math, history, and nature. The age range is approximately grades 2 to 6. Older kids can use it in a service learning project with younger students. Teachers and librarians will like it because it's a perfect jumping-off point for teaching number patterns. Joe's website offers some thoughts for lesson plans and teaching, as well as a Fibonacci scavenger hunt.

The book has been praised in a number of publications, earning a coveted starred review:

“Math lover or not, readers should succumb to the charms of this highly entertaining biography of medieval mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci.”

Publishers Weekly

“D’Agnese’s introduction to medieval Europe’s greatest mathematician offers both a coherent biographical account—spun, with some invented details, from very sketchy historical records—and the clearest explanation to date for younger readers of the numerical sequence that is found throughout nature and still bears his name.”—Booklist

“This lighthearted introduction to Fibonacci’s ideas will inspire young math lovers and perhaps point them toward more scholarly explorations.”

School Library Journal

* “The lively text includes touches of humor; Emperor Frederick called him 'one smart cookie.’ O’Brien’s signature illustrations textured with thin lines re-create a medieval setting.”—Kirkus Reviews, starred review

Keep in mind:

* You can follow the book at the Facebook fan page listed below.

* Author and illustrator are participating in a virtual book tour this week.

* Autographed copies are available online via the indie bookstores in Asheville, NC.

* Joseph D' Agnese will be presenting the book during a talk in San Diego at the NCTM Math Teacher's Conference on April 24, with two signings to follow in that city.

Details for all of these items via the website and FB page.

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