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Help with the Oil Spill Clean Up!

To my readers,
I am simply passing on the word to join the volunteers of SaveSagHarbor who are participating in the clean up for the recent oil spill. They are looking for donations of hair, fur and wool.
Read the article below written by SaveSagHarbor for details on why these materials are being requested.
If you are interested and live nearby drop off is at The Whaling museum by Saturday, May 15th by 10am.
Thanks in advance, —Lisa

It is of course unimaginable to think that such a horrible environmental catastrophe would happen here, but it's not impossible. One small but positive step we decided to take is to mount a drive to help amass materials to help sop up the oil, and the best natural and biodegradable materials, as it turns out, are human hair, fur, and wool (and sadly, feathers). An organization called Matter of Trust, based in San Francisco, is gathering material and volunteers to create booms that are lowered into affected waters to try to make a dent in the damage, and so far almost 500,000 lbs have been collected. We've decided to help send it down there, but volunteers are needed to ask salons and dog-grooming centers for their clippings. They simply need to be collected and put into sealed plastic bags and cardboard boxes (a used shampoo box would be ideal) with no other garbage (don't want workers to cut themselves on other detritus) for shipment. If you are interested in calling your local salon or pet store and collecting hair and fur, and getting it to the address below, we'll take care of the shipment.
Saturday, May 15
Celebration on the lawn of the Custom House
Main St
(donations always welcome)


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