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1 iota productions presents

a new comedy webisode series, Everything’s Coming Up Ro'ses! 

To my readers: Roetta Collins recently sent me her press release and seven short episodes to watch. They made me laugh out loud!  There is true laughter from the absurdities of everyday life which continues around one amidst their tragedies. She encapsulates all this and more in these one act scenes. Enjoy the clips and feel free to leave comments on my blog. Thanks for stopping by. —Lisa

Press Release
 click image for larger view

See episodes below

Episode One: I'll Drink to That (3:38 minutes)

Episode Two:
Barry, Can You Spare Me A Dime? (4:11 minutes)

Episode Three:
If The Bling Fits, Wear It (3:28 minutes)

Episode Four:
Guess Who's Coming To Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner (2:41 minutes)

Episode Five:
You Can Thank Me Later (4:19 minutes)

Episode Six:
There's No Business Like Your Business (2:56 minutes)

Episode Seven:
Daze Of Wine And Ro'ses (3:24 minutes)

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