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SCREEN DOOR JESUS, the movie out on DVD

Sam Adelman, the editor and producer of "Screen Door Jesus" which came out on DVD April 17th, is a good friend of mine. Sam invited me to attend the first screening of this film and I thoroughly enjoyed it. If you're looking for a new independent film to support you're in for a treat. "Screen Door Jesus" is a must see, not to mention the music! Order the DVD, make that popcorn and enjoy!

Indican Pictures

A film by Kirk Davis 
Based on the
short stories of Christopher Cook

Winner of the Hampton Film Festival’s

"Golden Starfish for Best Feature Film" Award

See the critically acclaimed film that had the misfortune to open in the southern part of the country in the wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Imagine giving back the opening week's receipts due to rolling blackouts! Now, thanks to a cinematic afterlife, Screen Door Jesus is available, and unless you have leaky pipes in your television room- it can finally be seen in it's entirety. With Buck Taylor (Gunsmoke) and Anjannette Comer (The Loved One, The Appaloosia with Brando, and The Guns of San Sebastion), with Anthony Quinn and Charles Bronson.

"Screen Door Jesus"
DVD release: April 17th, 2007

That's right- Finally!

So please put it on your Netflix and Blockbuster lists-
or order it through Amazon via a direct link from
the web site or by clicking on the neon sign.

Please pass this on to anyone who
missed us the first time around-

"Screen Door Jesus"

is the perfect gift for any occasion.

Screen Door Jesus
Running Time: 119 Minutes 

Genre: Comedy/Drama 
Format: HiDef 24p 

Release Format: 35mm 
Shoot Locations: Austin, TX & surrounding areas

1 comment:

A great fan... said...

This is a wonderful, wonderful film...a great perspective of the South and their unique contrasting views of Christianity...well worth renting or even owning!