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Lisa's Note: Louise Crawford, host of Only the blog knows Brooklyn and Smart Mom columnist for the Park Slope paper forwarded the following to me:

Brooklyn Reading Works presents THE MEMOIR-A-THON!

This is the Brooklyn Reading Works event you won't want to miss. Never heard of a Memoir-A-Thon?

That's because I made it up. It's sort of a marathon reading of memoirs—but it won't be long and boring.

No way. That's because the writers are each limited to 6 minutes and that will be strictly enforced by my little bell.

At 6 minutes: ding, ding, ding.

And what a group of writers: Branka Ruzak, Mary Warren, Marian Fontana, Paula Bernstein and Elyse Schein, Nica Lalli, Kim Larsen, Carla Thompson and MORE...

On February 28th at 8 p.m. come to this great event and hear the personal stories of these unique writers. Books by these authors will be on sale at the event which is at the

Old Stone House
Fifth Avenue and Third Street
Park Slope, Brooklyn

PAULA BERNSTEIN & ELYSE SCHEIN are the authors of Identical Strangers: A Memoir of Twins Separated and Reunited.

MARIAN FONTANA is the author of A Widow's Walk, a memoir of 9/11.

NICA LALLI is the author of Nothing; Something to Believe In, a memoir of growing up an athiest.

BRANKA RUZAK has been a writer, producer and editor for commercial and corporate advertising who spent many childhood hours listening to her father's stories and playing Croatian folk music. Always an avid traveler,her studies in Hindusthani classical music, as well as her enthusiasm for Indian novels, textiles and a good cup of chai have taken her to India and other destinations. She is currently working on a collection of essays about family, identity, culture and travel.

MARY WARREN is a freelance writer who teaches English at a local college. SHe has two blogs, Mrs. Cleavage's Diary and Eat, Drink, Memory.

CARLA THOMPSON writes a blog, "The Ride: Life Lesson for Those Who Can't Draw a Straight Line", which features her acerbic and sometimes witty musings on everything from politics to pop culture. Carla has also written a variety of articles for Women's eNews, Black Enterprise, AOL Black Voices and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution among other publications.

KIM LARSEN'S feature story, "Bad Blood," which reports on the reintroduction of DDT in the fight against malaria in Africa, is the cover story in the winter 2008 edition of OnEarth Magazine. Her essay about the untimely death of a close friend appears in the essay anthology, "The Oldest We've Ever Been."

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