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Dog Talk, January 20, 2012 -Press Release from Tracie Hotchner

Are you in the New York area and want to explore doing Happiness Visits with your dog to nursing homes, schools, hospitals or the Ronald McDonald house?
Learn more about it from Nancy George-Michalson, the program coordinator of the NYC Pet Partners program and part of the Delta Society; a Cinderella story that's too good to be true (but it is!) Dan Stallings founded the Mid-Atlantic Weimaraner rescue and, in the process of rescuing dogs, he saved the life of one dog who was in deplorable condition -- and happened to be an intact male with registration papers.
 Hear how under his show name Unforgettable this dog went from rags to riches and in a short time became a Grand Champion who will actually be competing at the Westminster Dog Show next month.

Dr. Demian Dressler is a vet in Hawaii who has co-written THE DOG CANCER SURVIVAL GUIDE that should be on the shelf of any owner with a dog breed at risk for cancer -- and everyone whose dog already has cancer -- and even humans fighting cancer. A monumental work that is a life-changer and lifesaver.
Tracie Is Back On The Air On NPR In The Hamptons!

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